Fireplace Enclosure Delivers New Look and Great Value

The new owners had just relocated from the East Coast and loved their new home. But they didn’t love the fireplace. Originally a wood-burning fireplace, it was converted to a more efficient gas-burning fireplace that worked great but was designed in a style that clashed with the traditional design of the rest of the home.

The homeowners were looking to improve the look and feel of their living room with a new fireplace as the Minnesota winter approached. They wanted a fireplace with a clean and traditional look, and they wanted to use Marble for the hearth and firebox trim.

They called Rick Jacobson for help. Rick took a look at the project and offered his ideas. They hired Rick because of his “creativity, experience and reputation.” Rick is known for delivering projects in a timely manner.

A first thought involved tearing out the existing fireplace and hearth, and rebuilding from the floor up. But this is a costly, messy job.

Rick’s solution was to begin by installing 1¼ inch thick Marble slabs cut to Rick’s specifications around the original firebox and over the existing stonework. The fireplace had a raised hearth (at the bottom of the fireplace) that was removed and a new Marble hearth was installed to line up flush with the wooden floor – no more lip to stub a toe on.

With the marble cemented to the old masonry fireplace a new one-piece “cap type” wooden mantel was placed over the existing fireplace. The before and after photos show the remarkable difference.

The owners were delighted with the results. Best of all, the project was finished in time for Holiday celebrating. A good place for Santa to get from his sleigh to the Christmas tree. The owners would recommend Rick for any remodeling project.