Carrera Marble Refreshes Living Room Fireplace

Their home came with the original wood-burning fireplace that was showing it’s age. The owners wanted to install gas inserts which are cleaner and much more efficient. Just the right kind of warm on cold Minnesota nights. They wanted a new look for their living room. And they wanted to do it right.

Rick Jacobson suggested that a new one-piece “cap type” wooden mantel be installed over the existing fireplace. It involves building a new fireplace enclosure and installing it over the existing fireplace. Capping the original fireplace saves time and money and lets owners add their own decorating ideas.

A new gas insert was constructed inside the existing firebox. A new hearth was constructed in front of the firebox using special-ordered 6-inch square ceramic tile. The new hearth was installed level with the existing wood floor, creating a seamless look.

The fireplace mantel features custom scrollwork and 2 X 4 inch Carrera Marble Subway Tile, offering interesting highlights to the living room’s ambience.